The  NECC scheduled field investigations and research for Nairobi and its environs as from 3rd to 7th August, 2015.  The complaints received from individuals indicate an increase in awareness of environmental degradation.

On Monday, 3rd of August 2015, the team was at Keraraponi, Nairobi County investigating claims of damaged houses evidenced by cracks resulting from a quarry operating within the vicinity. The team interviewed area residents on the frequency of vibrations from the quarry; the team also visited some affected homes and took photos of the same to facilitate further investigations. The NECC team resolved to involve the Mines and Geology department to assist them determine if the damage was as a result of the quarry’s operations or was due to poor workmanship.

Thereafter, the team visited and saw a building constructed near Mbagathi River Tributary traversing Karen, near Hemingways Hotel. The complainant stated that they were not sure if legal permits and licenses had been acquired for the construction of the structure and a septic tank. The team was accompanied by the area Sub-Chief.

Afterwards, a visit was made to a one engineer along Ngong road who was interviewed on how the establishment of the motor vehicle garage next to residential plots, one of them being the interviewee’s, was affecting them. He said it was emitting fumes and causing noise pollution disturbing their peace. The team then made their observations and promised to contact NEMA on the same and interview the garage owner so as to find a way to address the complaint amicably. The team proceeded to Industrial area where they met the landlord of a company that recycled oil, an activity that caused contamination of the land; the lessor had left without adhering to the Decommissioning Plan. The team intends to meet the company’s representative so as to get their side of the story before a decision on the complaint is arrived at.

Other cases the team is meant to review this week include the discharge of sewage into the open at Maziwa-Zimmerman, poor waste management from a piggery in Kiambu and foul smell caused by daily exhausting of a septic tank by the owner of a multi storey residential building located Kahawa West.



August 13th, 2015

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